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In the North African and the south bordering the Sahara countries, there is an increased risk of terrorist acts, kidnappings and targeted criminal assault; both criminal gangs and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) are currently looking for specific aliens for the purpose of kidnapping. In Algeria, Niger, Mali and Mauritania also occurred in recent kidnappings. It is, as confirmed by current evidence, to be expected at any time to further kidnappings of Western nationals.Especially German nationals are exposed to a substantial rise in touch and kidnapping risk. The Foreign Office advises against travel to a remote or not sufficiently effective by police or military sneakers for men presence secured areas of the Sahara, their border areas and the Sahel strongly from.

Significantly increased touch and kidnapping risks consist, inter alia, for targets that run Western nationals regularly. In some areas, particularly in the Sahel-Saharan region, sports and cultural events such as desert rallies or music festivals are associated with considerable touch and kidnapping risks.

The security risks for travelers differ from country to country and are regularly evaluated differently even within the same country. Therefore, the Foreign Office strongly advises to always observe the country-specific safety instructions.

Given the current domestic political controversies surrounding a permit for a term extension of the President of Burkina Faso took place on 30/10/2014 in Ouagadougou violent clashes, which also firearms were used. Given the current complexity sneakers men of the situation until further by not absolutely essential travel to Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou in particular, discouraged.

The Ebola epidemic in the countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone can spread further under certain circumstances in the region. So far, no cases have been reported from Burkina Faso but. The Foreign Office advises to follow the news flow and observe general hygienic measures. A leaflet to Ebola, see


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Video recordings held by News MVS prove it. The announced this morning Marco Antonio Duarte, correspondent in Michoacán de MVS. The videos can be seen Rural Force patrols and vehicles “American” approaching the barricade Hipólito Mora located at the ranch “Los Palmares” on the avenue connecting La Ruana with the junction of the road Buenavista-Tepalcatepec. When the men of “American” reached the barricade Hipólito Mora, shouting “Jálenle, jálenle!” Is heard, challenging men Hipólito Mora.

Suddenly three shots are heard, what triggers the clash. According to my k cup the commissioner Alfredo Castillo, the collected evidence and expert evidence indicate that Hippolytus was the son of Mora’s first shoot on December 16 showdown. In the videos you hear that group “The American”, screams are heard: “Tira potatoes, potatoes strip”, an order to detonate grenades. Everything in the confrontation of December 16, which left 11 dead, including the son of Hippolytus Mora.

Both Mora as “American” remain imprisoned. A judge based in Morelia detention order issued against Luis Antonio Torres, The American, and nine members of his group, for the crime of homicide. “The confrontation that occurred in La Ruana left a toll of 11 dead” This will be credited after the December 16 participated in the single cup coffee maker in Michoacan community of La Ruana, where 11 people died, so they will face his trial in prison. Former member of the rural Michoacan force is charged with at least four deaths, after he was confronted with members of the rural force Hipólito Mora.

According to the judge in charge, The American and its people were the day of the incident at mile 1.5 of the Buenavista-La Ruana road where the confrontation occurred with Hipólito Mora and 26 exautodefensas. To undergo both the test radizonato sodium, Luis Antonio Torres showed positive in his right hand, which was presented as evidence to issue formal arrest. Note that the American and his defense requested that the hearing be private, “for safety from him” and nine former members of the Rural Force were delivered last December 30.


The application of a random drug test that should happen before they begin to receive money, and then once a year randomly would help cut back on the amount of fraud being committed against this government institutionalized system which was set in place to help the low income communities. Drug tests are not very expensive, on the Home Health Testing website a 13-panel test, which tests for thirteen of the most commonly used drugs costs only $13.25.  Also if the government is buying in bulk then the price drops to $7.90.  This is a very low price for doritos and cheetos alike, and is something that has 98% accuracy (13 Panel ICup Drug Test) and can be easily administered at random at least once.

This simple and cost efficient test could help weed out many people that have a serious drug problem from receiving free money that goes right into the pockets of gangsters and criminals. In addition to weeding out fraudulent recipients, this program could help to force those that have drug problems to seek help. Once they get clean they could apply for welfare and create a much better life for themselves.  If a person did not commit to these terms then they should not be allowed to receive welfare so that the government could use to pay more educators or build better roadways.

Another way to assist with the welfare crisis is to make mandatory enrollment in continuing education classes to force recipients to learn a skill or clear lip gloss, or even learn how to better handle their finances. The fact that welfare seems to be more of a lifestyle choice for many, has led to populations of second and even third generation welfare recipients.

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The automotive sector, major employer in the source country, benefited from tax cuts after the global crisis of 2008/09, which helped keep vehicle sales in the country to increase until 2012, when the federal government extended benefits of reduced black and white football since that automakers do not resign. In 2013 and 2014, however, vehicle sales in the country soured fall and is expected to further decline this year. According to Volkswagen, layoffs represent the “first effective adequacy step” and that it “remains an urgent need to adapt effectively and cost optimization to improve conditions” of Anchieta Unit.

In the morning, the factory workers voted to strike indefinitely and await contact the company to negotiate, according to the Union of the ABC Metalworkers. The automaker also said in a statement that palliative measures adopted since 2013 as collective vacations and temporary suspension of employment contracts, were not sufficient in the face of expectations for the automotive industry. The company also said it had sought an alternative with the union, proposing tailor the staff by opening of the resignation programs (POS) with financial incentive for outgoing employees and reduction of temporary outsourced to surplus of allocation staff.

Volkswagen said the proposal was rejected at a meeting held on December 2. The Anchieta unit has 13,000 employees and produces the Gol and Saveiro vehicles. Last year, the unit stopped making the cool soccer ball and the fourth generation Gol because of legislation requiring the airbag in all cars. By taking charge of the Ministry of Agrarian Development, the PT Ananias defended on Tuesday feria (6) the intensification of land reform in the country. The new minister said during the post of transmission ceremony, “not just tear down the fences latifundia”, referring to the need to provide infrastructure for the settlers. Patrus will head the folder in place of Miguel Rossetto, who was shifted to the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

Worst Case:

My granddaughter zooms out and away into the outer space of Google Earth above the glowing island formerly known as Ometepe, Nicaragua.  The flashing lights of skyscraping, New Las Vegas, Nicaragua light up the surrounding 2km of sickly green Lake Nicaragua as beer cans and oil tumble in the surf.  Both Volcan Concepcion and Maderas have been transformed into the world’s largest roller coaster, complete with nightly “eruption” and light show.

Today in her United States history class she studied the drought of 2020 when the United States government was forced to transplant a quarter of its mary kay oil free eye make up remover from the mid-west due to a severe year long drought and rerouting of all irrigation systems to industrial the corn farms.  The anti-socialist US government attempted to distract the people from the crisis by taking another whack at their tricky mistress, the Nicaraguan mary key oil free make up remover.

Under the veil of Foreign Direct Investment in the tourism industry the US made promises of educational programs and employment opportunities for local people as they transplanted the city of Las Vegas, Nevada onto the peaceful island of Ometepe.  All vegetation was removed and replaced with genetically modified, hypoallergenic, exact replicas of the original vegetation, one of which adapted to live in Lake Nicaragua, being the only plant that could survive the high levels of pollution.  However the plant was toxic to the tilapia population and decreased the species to endangered within five years of the creation of New Las Vegas.

By 2030 the island was so over populated that emergent diseases began to rear their ugly heads. The entire population of monkeys on Monkey Island, domesticated for entertainment purposes, soon began to show symptoms of Bovine Spongiform Disease.  An epidemic most likely due to a famine caused by the sharp increase in population and decrease in tilapia fish, forcing monkeys to eat the remains of the local cattle; who, due to lax US policies, were no longer grass fed.  With the decline of investment in the ruined island, crime increased and poverty spread making the vacation destination highly undesirable.  It has been predicted that, short of a miracle, New Las Vegas will become a modern ghost town by 2040.

Best Case:

The School for Field Studies proudly opens its Nicaragua program focused on sustainable tourism and farming on the island on Ometepe.  They do frequent outreach programs and bring international attention to the progress of the island. One day everybody hikes Volcon Maderas, hilarity ensues.

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“This moment will surely be recorded in history. Notice that begins the work of the start of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua , “said Wang Jing at the opening ceremony of the works in the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, attended by Vice President Omar Halleslevens.
It is expected that the president of Nicaragua, former Marxist guerrilla Daniel Ortega, talk about the channel in the coming hours.
More than a year after being announced, the project faces great skepticism, with open yet on who will finance the project, how seriously will damage the Lake of Nicaragua and how much land will be expropriated for the project jansport classic superbreak backpack.
“To craft would love that to happen, but it’s a luxury not a necessity,” said Greg Miller, a consultant at IHS Maritime.
“Taking into account how much this will cost, it is difficult to take a position on whether to make or not until a signal if the money is available or not,” he added.
Nicaraguan officials say they want the channel receive international jansport backpack dimensions and reject the idea that the Chinese Government will finance the project, valued at about four times the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nicaragua.
“This is not a Chinese project where all workers bring to the last nail and just buy some diesel to put operate machines that bring” recently said the secretary for public policy of the presidency, Paul Oquist.

Megan Mahoney a gym teacher aged 24, was arrested Monday by US police after being accused of having sex repeatedly with a student of 16 years , according to “New York Post”.
The woman, who he taught in Catholic high school Moore Catholic High School, Staten Island, New York, was charged with 30 counts of statutory rape . The authorities maintain that intimate encounters took place between 31 October 2013 and 9 January this year.
Court documents indicate that Mahoney had sex with the teen at least twice a week. The investigation also revealed that several of the sexual encounters occurred in the school itself.

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As stressed by Wilmer, Miss World – a messenger greater good than a beauty queen. In recent years, the competition organizers have emphasized the round, dedicated to the “beauty with a view”, where participants engaged in charitable work and drew attention to matters of public interest.

Instead of competition swimsuits planned to contest beachwear, which, according to Wilmer, will be more like a fashion contest, and not on the show bikini. Earlier it was reported that “Miss World – 2014″ was 22-year-old Strauss Rolin from South Africa. This was the last competition, where participants had to wear the body shop hemp hand protector.

Russian Ministry of Defense to fulfill the plan on import substitution in the samples of weapons and military equipment to 100%. This was the chief of the daily operations of the Control Center Sun Oleg artfully reported on Friday President Vladimir Putin, reports RIA “Novosti” .

“On the special control are issues of substitution of imported products in the samples of weapons and military equipment … In general plan in 2014 made 100%. Failures and deviations are not allowed “, – said skillfully. He also noted that the planned execution of the state defense order within the follow-up to 2014 will be implemented by 95%.

“The increase in supply of weapons, military and special body shop hemp cream for the Armed Forces will be compared to the 2013 year of 1.7%, repair and service – more than 4%,” – said the head of the center. Earlier, deputy chairman of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission Oleg Bochkarev noted that public spending on defense industry will not be reduced due to the devaluation of the ruble and the deterioration of economic conditions. Bochkarev also stressed that the problem of import substitution will eventually become more serious, but so far the EU sanctions and the US did not affect the performance of defense contracts this year.

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said he was ready to find a job Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Under my leadership in Washington established Institute and the US State Department has offered me a work visa O-1. Let Putin just abandon what does, and I for him zamolvlyu word, and they would give him the same visa, and I’m ready to take it to work in our institute, let him write his memoirs, “- Saakashvili said on the air” Rustavi-2 “on Friday, December 19.

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“It is a decision that makes me happy The court said the only valid question.? The European list of terrorist organizations should be grounded to the US list The court said no,” he added. The EU has created a blacklist of terrorist organizations after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States. At first included the armed wing of Hamas and later joined the political angelina ballerina cloth doll in September 2003.

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, in charge of investigations Lava Jet accepted on Wednesday (17) the allegations of the prosecution against Nestor Cervero, former director of the International Petrobras area; Fernando Soares, lobbyist known as Fernando Baiano, touted as one of the operators of the corruption scheme in the state; and Julio Camargo, executive Toyo Setal. Besides them, the court also accepted the complaint against the money changer Alberto Youssef, who has become a defendant in other actions.

They are accused of involvement in crimes such as corruption against the national financial system and washing capital between 2006 and 2012, according to the complaint. The prosecution says Fernando Baiano and Nestor Cervero are suspected of receiving $ 40 million bribe in 2006 and 2007 to mediate hiring drillships to drill deep water in Africa and Mexico. Fernando Baiano was representative of Nestor Cervero in the scheme, according to the complaint. For Sergio Moro, a significant number of documents supporting the claims in the complaints, especially the direct involvement of Nestor Cervero. Among the documents, there are statements showing transactions that have been made to beneficiary accounts indicated by Fernando Soares. “They were also joined documents relating to payments made by Julio Camargo companies in Brazil,” says Moro.

Nestor Cervero and Fernando Baiano account for passive corruption and ballerina toys laundering. In addition to these crimes, Julio Camargo liable for fraudulent tax evasion and fraud in foreign exchange contracts. In this action, Youssef responds only for money laundering.

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Multi-purpose fighter-bomber Su-34 combat capabilities belongs to a generation of aircraft “4+”. Among its features – increased to 4 thousand. Km range, the maximum speed – up to 1.9 thousand. Km / h, and the availability of modern weapons control system.
The Su-34 appeared the 30-mm gun and combat load increased to 8 tons. The possibility of boss perfume provides additional fuel tanks flying long distances approaching flight range strategic bombers. All the machines were taken by representatives of engineering and technical services Regiment, which checked the readiness of all units and mechanisms of the Su-34 to operate in a given mode.

Action opera superstar Anna Netrebko for the transfer of one million rubles Donetsk Opera and herphotographs with the Speaker of Parliament Union breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk Oleg Tsarev and flag Novorossia generated a backlash official Vienna.

“Give yourself to take a picture with the East Ukrainian separatists and its flag quite problematic. It is clear that these photos will be immediately used for propaganda purposes. In any case, it’s a political statement” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” words of an unnamed representative of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, published by the Austrian public broadcasting company ORF .

The airline “Austrian Airlines”, whose face is advertising Netrebko, stated that a promotional contract with opera diva expired in November and extend it is not planned, according to Reuters.

Netrebko itself, wrote in Facebook , which has made ​​a donation of only non-political considerations: “I both Russian and Ukrainian origin, and my heart breaks when I see fighting and destruction. I have friends in Donetsk, young musicians, who told me, that partially destroyed the theater. I wanted to support his fellow artists donation because I believe in the power of art in times of conflict and crisis. I want to clarify, however, that this donation – not a political act. I just want the fighting ended as soon as possible and want to support art and artists during the terrible conflict. ”

Relatively photos with Tsarev and flag Netrebko wrote: “He (Tsar) was introduced to me as the only person who can ensure safe delivery of hugo boss perfume men to the theater in Donetsk. The presence of the flag was not planned, and I was not ready. In fact I do not even recognized him and realized only later that it is. ”

Under this communication in social networks hot discussion. Some accused the singer of “aiding and abetting terrorism” and urged to abandon the Austrian citizenship, others expressed their support.

Anna Netrebko, along with Russian citizenship is a citizen of Austria. She performs regularly at the Vienna State Opera and the Salzburg Festival. For several months, she was the face of Austrian Airlines, as part of an advertising campaign. Tsarev is in the EU sanctions list.

Finding Dory

There are two solutions, as appropriate. If the message reaches a private conversation between two people, it is easy to fix: delete the conversation.

The other solution becomes complicated in the case of groups, having to delete application data from Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Clear Data. Watch this solution, because all oakley gascan and message history from all groups will be deleted.

WhatsApp could punish users who have sent this “message of death”, as the camo oakleys of use app prohibits the sending of annoying or inappropriate messages.

Mexico, December 10 (EFE) .- The singer Enrique Guzmán return after 20 years, the Teatro Blanquita, to provide a brief stint in 2015.

The Darío de León businessman said that to start will be two to four presentations, “but it depends on the agenda of Enrique, what does assured me it will be a musical comedy show. I do not know if you are scheduled to make his characters characterizations or just music, but what if people live an adventure into the past to hear all her hits “.

oakley gascan

“Henry expressed his desire to return to one of the most important theaters in his career, as does 20 not Tread that enclosure. Subsequently, we will refine the number of presentations, “De Leon said.

Moreover, the employer stated that the balance of 2014 is positive, with hits of The Mascabrothers and the performances of bloggers. “I hope 2015 is better, because for Blanquita is positive start with a big rock and roll, now the goal will bring other exponents of this time maybe not in the same dates as Enrique but if midyear” he explained.

Mexico City Disney Pixar prepare the launch of ‘Finding Dory’, sequel to the hit animation ‘Finding Nemo’, released in 2003 and whose plot revolves around the forgetful Dory. The film’s release is scheduled for June 2016 and the president of Pixar, Jim Morris and gave the first details about the plot of the project. According to The Huffington Post, the tape will be set months after the first part and show a Marlin, Nemo and Dory living together in the same reef.